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High-energy Tantalum Capacitor >> THC High-energy Tantalum Capacitor

1Brief Introduction

THC Series high-energy tantalum capacitor is hermetically sealed with polar radial leads and represents a new level of technology. Its characterized by excellent electrical performance, high reliability, long usage life and high energy density in unit volume. It is small in size but has high energy-storage ability. THC series tantalum capacitor plays the role of a battery in energy conversion circuit and pulse circuit to store energy and provide power delay in circuit. THC series tantalum capacitor is widely used for defense purpose such as used in radar system, fighter screen, etc.

2General Specification

1) Operating Temperature: -55~+125 (using derating voltage when the temperature is

     higher than 85)

2) Capacitance Tolerance: 20% (M) 10%~30%(S)

3) Storage Temperature: 62~130

4) Electrical Characteristics. (see downloaded spec)



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