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185 High-temp Wet Tantalum Capacitor >> CA83 High-temp Axial Wet Tantalum Capacitor (185)

1Brief Introduction

CA83 series wet electrolyte tantalum capacitors (185) are hermetically and silver coating sealed with polar axial leads. The series capacitors are characterized by low DC Leakage, low dissipation factor, stable performances, high reliability and long life. It has good performance in high-temp environment. It can be used in the conditions of 185. CA83 Series meets the standard QJ/PWV224-2008 and it is widely used in oil & gas exploration & drilling equipments.

2General Specification

1) Operating Temperature: -55~+185 (using derating voltage when the temperature is

    higher than 155)

2) Capacitance Tolerance: 10%K, 20% (M), 10%~30% (S)

3) Current Leakage:

    At 25: I00.002CRUR (A) or 2A (Whichever is greater)

    At 185: I00.04CRUR (A) or 40A (Whichever is greater)

4) Dissipation Factor at 25 100Hz frequency (see downloaded spec)

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