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Based in Shenzhen of China, the hub of Asian electronics, Shenzhen Be-Top Electronics Co., Ltd (BEC) has been dedicated herself to electronics industry since its foundation in 1998. As a growing and professional manufacturer of electronics components, especially of capacitor products, we offer three main categories of capacitors-----tantalum capacitor, aluminum electrolytic capacitor and multilayer ceramic capacitor. The tantalum capacitors we deal with include solid and wet tantalum capacitors with SMD type, radial type and axial type. They are widely used for both industry and military applications. Some high temperature-standing tantalum capacitors can be used in the fields of oil & gas exploration and drilling. The aluminum electrolytic capacitors include leaded type and SMD type. Leaded type covers CD11, CD26, CD71, CD110, CD112, CD117, CD228, CD293 and CDS series. SMD type covers RVEúČRVHúČRVKúČRVNúČRVSúČRVT and RVW series. The multilayer ceramic capacitors include SMD type, radial type and axial type. The sizes range from 0603, 0805 to 3012 and 3035 to meet different needs for size and circuit.

Our quality products sell well throughout the world at competitive pricing and fast delivery, especially in European and North American markets. Fulfilling customersí» need is what we keep on pursuing over the years. We are enjoying work and earning money during the process of helping the customers save or earn money. We sincerely invite you to learn more about BEC and start to work with us. You will finally find that you have made a very right decision.

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