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Axial Wet Tantalum Capacitor >> CA35 Axial Wet Tantalum Capacitor

1Brief Introduction

CA35 Series axial wet electrolytic tantalum capacitor is hermetically sealed with polar axial leads and represents a new level of high CV (capacitance/voltage) previously unavailable in this technology. With a silver casing, this series includes a welded tantalum can and header assembly that provides a hermetic seal to withstand the harsh using conditions and store energy. CA35 series capacitor meets the standard QJ/PWV71-97 and it is widely used in such fields as military, aerospace, oil exploitation and telecommunications.

2General Specification

1) Operating Temperature: -55~+125 (using derating voltage when the temperature

      is higher than 85).

2) Capacitance Tolerance: 10%K, 20% (M)

3) Current Leakage at Normal and High Temperature:

     At normal temperature: I00.0008CRUR (A) or 1A (Whichever is greater)

     At high temperature: I00.006CRUR (A) or 6A (Whichever is greater)

4) Dissipation Factor at Normal and High Temperature (see downloaded spec).

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